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30. August 2011

Positive environmental balance: GKD process belts contribute to climate protection

Green, ecological and environmentally friendly are only a few of the buzzwords that are currently used to proclaim responsible and environmentally friendly use of resources and to advertise sustainable and low-emission production. This is the result of not only legal requirements but also strict industry guidelines for conserving resources and for environmentally friendly production processes. Large, apparently unforeseen natural disasters but also gradual changes, such as for example the melting glaciers, contribute to an increasing concern about climatic changes and their impact on humans and the environment. Already in 1997 the German Federal Government together with the European Union and further 37 industrial states set a clear objective regarding the emissions of greenhouse gases in the Kyoto Protocol. By 2012 the six most dangerous greenhouse gases were to be limited by a total of 5.2 per cent. As a leading manufacturer of mesh-based solutions the company GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG has a great awareness of its responsibility and takes it very seriously. The company continuously introduces more and more advanced production methods and products that not only make production processes more efficient, but also more environmentally friendly. The WEAVEinMotion process belts contribute significantly to not one, but three very different areas.

Picture 1-2 © GKD

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