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12. December 2007

Innovative illuminations against a historic background

Worldwide debut for ILLUMESH®

A city of art and history, the French community of Vitré in Brittany’s Ille-et-Vilaine area is steeped in rich heritage. This jewel of medieval architecture with cultural treasures like the Château de Vitré, impressive old city walls and a historic city center featuring the gothic Notre-Dame church attracts swarms of visitors. To get to Vitré, you have to use the expressway that links Brittany’s Rennes with Le Mans and carries 100,000 commuters everyday in one direction or the other, as well as millions of tourists every year to the Atlantic coast. Directly on this main artery, just five kilometers from the city itself, the municipality boasts a recently founded business park in which numerous companies have set up operations. One of the modern buildings here with production halls and an administration wing has been rented to a well-known cheese producer.

Since fall this year, this building’s façade has been visually enhanced by 167 square meters of the medialized mesh system ILLUMESH® made of stainless steel with integrated LED technology. This worldwide debut for the media façade variant is a radiant eye-catcher that displays a variety of video sequences visible from miles away. As a counterpoint to the historic buildings of Vitré, the building now sets its surroundings in a spectacular new light.

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