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11. February 2016

Disc filters as an efficient alternative to sand filters

New mesh construction combines 6 µm filtration rate with high throughput and optimal backwashing

In both industrial and municipal water processing, effective methods for the quantitative and qualitative securing of the water supply are crucial. The key factors for success here are compliance with the increasingly stringent requirements regarding environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources, the full utilisation of cost reduction potentials, and, of course, the reliability of wastewater treatment processes. This calls for technologies that, through the creation of closed water cycles, ensure both sustainability and, at the same time, cost-efficiency. No wonder, then, that leading manufacturers of filtration equipment for the mechanical processing of surface water, wastewater and seawater have been searching for filter media that offer a genuine alternative to conventional sand filter systems. Their expectations are correspondingly high: the development of ultrafine filter media for hydrostatic filtration which, at a high throughput rate, separates 99% of all particles > than 6 µm. A worthy challenge for GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, a global technology leader in the field of application-specifically optimised filter media. And this long-standing and proven provider has come up with a solution that fits the bill perfectly: a 6 µm flow-optimised Plain Dutch Weave mesh called ODW 6, which, without any changes to the size of the mesh openings, achieves a 25 percent higher flow rate. This innovative woven stainless steel wire mesh construction offers an optimal combination of long-term accuracy of filtration rate in the microfiltration range with high permeability, long service life and excellent backwash capability.

The full press release is available as PDF download:

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